Chester Bennington Responds After Being Taunted By Metalheads During Linkin Park’s Hellfest Set

Linkin Park recently busted out some of their controversial new pop songs live at French heavy metal extravaganza Hellfest and needless to say some metalheads in the crowd did not take too kindly to the performance.

A bunch of punters flipped off frontman Chester Bennington during his rendition of the former nu-metal band’s ironically soft single ‘Heavy’ and someone also hurled a plastic jug at him.

But the LP frontman seemed unfazed by the hate, shooting off a series of post-show tweets to prove it:

It’s a surprisingly chill reaction from the vocalist, whose reactions to hate over Linkin Park’s new sound so far have been pretty aggro. He threatened to punch and/or kill anyone who called the band sell-outs after telling fans to “move the fuck on from Hybrid Theory but has since backtracked on the harsh comments.

Watch footage of a fan throwing a jug at Bennington while he sings ‘Heavy’ live at Hellfest below.

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