Watch: Grimes Teases Fans With ‘Genesis’ Trailer

Twenty-four-year-old electronic virtuoso Grimes has always put emphasis on her music, invigorating more senses than just our hearing. The elaborate lighting display associated with her live performances has added an extra element to shows that have punters all over the world wanting more.

The latest release from the Canadian performer is no exception to that either, in the form of a teaser for her latest video clip. The Genesis trailer perfectly captures Claire Boucher‘s musical ethos, combining audio and visual in the same space.

Off her latest album Visions, Genesis will get the full video clip service eventually, but to sooth the appetite of her adoring fans, Grimes has given us a sneak peak into what we can expect: an orgy of noise, flamboyant colours, the odd wig-out moment and of course Grimes herself, spinning around in a circle. Oh god, I think I feel a new celebrity crush coming on.

Anyway, where was I..Right – So with Visions well and truly rotated on radio, iTunes and iPods all over the country, Grimes will be coming down to our shores for this year’s Meredith Festival, having recently been announced on the lineup.

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