Watch Henry Rollins Get Really Mad While Reading A Dr. Seuss Classic

Rock icon and former Black Flag member Henry Rollins isn’t a fan of Dr. Seuss’ famous children’s book Oh, The Places You’ll Go, so he’s torn the story (and its messages) to shreds while reading the book in its entirety.

Sitting down with the Seuss classic for Funny Or Die, Rollins commentates his read-through of the book (below) with his thoughts on how Seuss’ tale contains instances of sexism, white male entitlement, elitism, failing gun laws, shitty friends and drug use, as well as the many assumptions the ever-optimistic Dr. Seuss makes about the world.

Picking at the carcass of Oh, The Places You’ll Go, Rollins picks up on how the book teaches children to abandon their friends in order to “realise [their] own destiny”. At one point in his amazing 15-minute reading, Rollins straight-out tells the book, “Fuck you.”

Rollins is bringing his spoken word An Evening With Henry Rollins tour to Australia this September, for a huge run of regional and metropolitan shows across the country.

Until then, watch him go to town on Dr. Seuss, below.

Watch: Henry Rollins Reads Dr. Seuss

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