Watch Hero Josh Homme Verbally Bitchslap A Celebrity Autograph Swindler

People who make a living scamming celebrity autographs to hock online are kind of like the human equivalent of that white crusty stuff that forms around the edge of your mouth sometimes.

These vultures spend their time duping celebs into putting pen to paper with the sole intention of selling their signatures to the highest bidder. But at least next time, they might think twice before they try it on Josh Homme.

And at a recent gig in Detroit, the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman made it known just how little he cared for such swindlers and their line of work.

Not only did he refuse to give away his John Hancock, he opened up a can of verbal whoop-ass on one particularly mouthy autograph hound.

“You fucking loser… You’re full of shit dude. You’re an entitled, spoiled motherfucker,” a clearly pissed-off Homme can be seen spraying at the guy in TMZ footage of the exchange.

One QOTSA fan who watched it all go down has also published her own eye-witness account to Facebook (via Consequence Of Sound), saying that “Josh wasn’t signing autographs because there were obvious eBay sellers there (multiple items, lying to get stuff signed for their kids, etc), but he said he would take pictures with everybody. Suddenly, the autograph hounds weren’t interested.”

They continued: “When Josh started taking pictures with people, the autograph hound (who talked about reselling the autographs while we were waiting outside) then said ‘do you know how much we made off you tonight’, which was a reply to Josh saying that he didn’t want anything ending up on eBay.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.39.05 am

Watch Josh Homme’s fiery response to the arrogant grifter in the video below.

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