Watch Hundreds Of Aussies Recreate Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ For ‘The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever’

Hundreds of Aussies have come together to recreate one of the iconic music videos for Kate Bush‘s 1978 hit single Wuthering Heights as part of ‘The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever’, which has been celebrated in cities around the world.

Footage has emerged of red-clad Wuthering Heights fanatics taking to parks in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and more, to take part in mass reenactments of Bush’s magical clip.

People of all ages and genders have been captured busting out their best impression of Bush’s Wuthering Heights performance, which was originally inspired by Cathy Earnshaw, a character from the 1847 Emily Brontë novel which inspired Bush’s song of the same name.

You know, this performance:

kate bush wuthering heights gif

Events were held across Australia for ‘The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever’, at spaces like Sydney Park, Adelaide’s Botanic Park and Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens. Some events even helped raise awareness for women’s heart health.

‘The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever’ began in 2013, and was first known as ‘The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience’.

Catch footage from a number of the Aussie events below, alongside Bush’s original video.




North Lismore:

Watch: Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

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