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Australia Is Getting Its Own Mass Kate Bush Dress Up Day

Fans of dancing in a misty field and uplifting dream pop rejoice, as Australia is getting it’s very own mass Kate Bush dress up day with over 4,700 expected to attend and re-enact the classic and whimsical video for Wuthering Heights.

Scheduled to take place on July 16th in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens, the event is part of a global trend with others announced in Germany, Sweden, Israel, Portugal, Canada, Denmark, USA, Norway.

This wave of Bush adulation and imitation was all set off by the viral video and world record breaking event that saw 300 Kate Bush dressed fans congregate in Brighton in the UK. Citing that event on their Facebook page, the organisers of the Melbourne gathering of the Bushes are hoping to exceed the paltry 300, with attendees on the Facebook event already well passing that.

It seems mass Kate Bush impersonations is yet another thing the poms invented only for us to beat them at it (although Noel Fielding’s singular portrayal goes unrivalled to this day).

There is no word yet on events in Sydney or any other Australian capital cities (come on Sydney, get your shit together), although Music Feeds will be keeping you up to date on all developments. Still we wouldn’t be surprised if more start popping up, because this idea is just too darn fabulous.

Just revisit the video below and tell me you wouldn’t want to take a crack at those swan like dance moves. Oh and click here for any more info on the event in Melbourne.

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

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