WATCH: The Infamous Unify Gathering Snake Being Caught To The Applause of Attendees

In case all the excitement about the snake that was captured at Unify Gathering yesterday wasn’t enough for you, we’ve just found some footage of the scaly intruder being captured by South Gippsland /Bass Coast snake removal.

While the discovery of the snake did cause a little fright and concern at the festival yesterday, the removal went off without a hitch, neither the animal or any attendees being injured.

Initially described as an Eastern Brown snake, experts later informed us it was an Eastern Tiger snake instead. Still the Tiger can still kill you so it’s not a huge downgrade.

Praising organisers for “keeping a close eye on it till I got there,” the flora and fauna expert who removed the snake assured animal lovers that they “released him somewhere much quieter.”

And while science doesn’t yet allow us to communicate with the snake, we here at Music Feeds like to think it was just trying to catch some of the great bands on the line-up like Parkway Drive, In Hearts Wake and Tonight Alive. I mean really, is there anything more metal than a metal loving snake?

Anyway you can watch the video for yourself here, and you can also have a look through our UNIFY Gathering gallery below.

☺ this poor little tiger snake put himself in the bag. Released him somewhere much quieter. Nice work to the organisers…

Posted by South Gippsland /Bass Coast snake removal on Saturday, January 16, 2016


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