Watch: Jay-Z ‘Kanyes’ Kanye At BET

Poetic justice. Though not as it should be really. At the recent BET awards ceremony, Kanye West got a taste of his own annoying medicine after being Kanye’d by partner in crime Jay-Z.

We all remember the infamous moment during the Video Music Awards when what should have been a life-changing moment of glory for Taylor Swift was trodden on by serial douche bag Yeeze, who stormed on stage and said the dreaded line “I’mma Let you finish but…” West maintained Swift shouldn’t have won the award, Beyonce should have.

Now the tables were turned as Jay-Z and Kanye accepted the award for Otis landing best video clip. After Jay has his moment of acceptance, Kanye took to the podium to begin his thanks, only to be interrupted by Z who cut him off with “Sorry Kanye, I’mma let you continue…”

Needless to say the room erupted with laughter despite the misquote. Beyonce laughed awkwardly and Kim Kardashian laughed as though she understood what was happening. Yeeze laughed it off, reminded Jay that he only did it to ‘defend yo girl’ and the event continued as per usual.

I suppose you can’t really ‘get’ Kanye West: the guy makes an idiot out of himself on a daily basis, you can’t touch that.

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