Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Neil Young And The Actual Neil Young Sing ‘Two Neil Youngs On A Tree Stump’

Earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon, who has been doing a rather excellent impersonation of Neil Young for a while now, got to team up with the real Neil Young, and now they have paired-up once again proving they probably should be a touring duo.

Real Neil Young and Fallon’s fake Neil Young both sat on a tree stump to perform the aptly titled Two Neil Youngs On A Tree Stump. It’s a folk-tinged track about two guys sitting on a tree stump which may just find itself on a Young Greatest Hits compilation years from now.

“Where did the other Neil come from? Came from the future back to the past to warn your arse,” Young sings on the track, sounding surprisingly unfazed by the fact he’s sitting back to back with a man who is doing an almost perfect impersonation.

Young just released an album called Earth which is a collection of songs about food awareness. Unfortunately Two Neil Youngs On A Tree Stump is nowhere to be seen on the release but maybe Young and Fallon are cooking up a duets album for release later down the track.

That release would feature this and their rendition of Young’s 1972 hit Old Man, which was the first song they performed together.

Watch: Jimmy Fallon & Neil Young – Two Neil Youngs On A Tree Stump

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