WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Coachella Hipsters With Fake Bands

How many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb? Oh, some obscure number you’ve probably never heard of. Jimmy Kimmel Live! went to Coachella on the weekend to put that theory to the test, asking hipsters their opinions on a bunch of obscure bands for their Lie Witness News segment. In fact, the bands are so obscure that they don’t actually exist.

The show asked festivalgoers questions like, “Have you heard of Shorty Jizzle And The Plumber Cracks?” The results are cringe-worthily hilarious – a little bit like watching Ricky Gervais making a cultural faux pas on The Office, except it’s hard to feel any sympathy for the dude who goes to Coachella in an Indian headdress and zinc on his nose. Check it out below.

Here at Music Feeds, we’re really excited about Get The Fuck Out Of My Swimming Pool‘s debut album, but we’re probably going to give The Chelsea Clintons a miss.

We can’t tell if the reporter has dubbed her fake band names in post or not, but dammit it’s funny!

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Live!Lie Witness News At Coachella

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