Watch Jon Hamm And Zach Galifianakis Basically Troll All Of Bonnaroo

Actors Jon Hamm, of Mad Men awesomeness, and Zach Galifianakis, whom you may remember from such films as The Hangover, have made a surprise cameo at Bonnaroo 2015 to enact a number of shenanigans on unsuspecting festivalgoers.

First off, the duo kicked off the annual Bonnaroo Superjam by performing a rousing duet of 1985 USA For Africa charity single We Are The World, after an unscheduled appearance in the comedy tent:

But that wasn’t the only place that Don Draper and the one-man wolf pack mysteriously showed up, also crashing Belle and Sebastian’s set in strange and delicious fashion.

First, Galifianakis was on hand to introduce the Scottish indie-popsters onto the stage, deceptively telling the crowd: “My name is Chad Farmhouse, I run Bonnaroo. We’re really excited to have one of the greatest bands of this generation… please welcome the glorious Belle and/or Sebastian”.

Then, soon after the band launched into their set, frontman Stuart Murdoch stopped to engage in a bit of crowd banter, in which he unfolded a tale of seeing Hamm feed Galifianakis gummy bears backstage in the comedy tent. As Murdoch tells it, this left him feeling somewhat left out.

“Why doesn’t that ever happen to me?” He mused wistfully. “Why can’t I ever be fed gummy bears onstage by a famous person?”

Nek minnit, Hamm emerges from the shadows to toss gummy bears into Murdoch’s mouth from across the stage, before disappearing wordlessly again into the night.

Where will this gummy bear-hurling guerrilla comedy duo show up next? Only time will tell. Watch both performances for yourself, below.

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