Watch Josh From Twenty One Pilots Crowdsurf While Busting A Mean Drum Solo Live In Sydney

Not only can genre-defying power-duo Twenty One Pilots write more chart-smashing songs than you can poke a drumstick at, they also put on one hell of a live show.

Case in point: during Saturday night’s Aussie tour stop in Sydney, the multi-instrumentalist showmen pulled plenty of jaw-dropping moments out of their bag of tricks; from Josh Dun drum-battling himself to frontman Tyler Joseph pulling a Michael-Jackson-at-the-Super-Bowl and re-appearing instantly on the other side of the arena as tens of thousands of fans screamed — and I mean fkn SCREAMED — in awe.

But even more epic was during their rendition of the Blurryface hit ‘Ride’, when Dun got up to crowdsurf on a freakin’ DRUMKIT.

Stepping onto a makeshift contraption that was half-surfboard, half-kit (well, a snare, a kick drum and a cymbal) that was being propped up by the crowd in the front row, Dun went on to smash out a beastly final chorus of the tune.

The only downfall being that he didn’t get to go for much of a ~Ride~, but it was still pretty awesome.

Catch some of the fan-shot footage of the whole thing, which has become a staple of the band’s live show, below.

Meanwhile, Twenty One Pilots’ Aussie tour wraps up in Perth this coming Saturday.

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