Watch: Justin Bieber Throwing Up On Stage. Classic.

Bieber, pull it together! At the first show of the first leg of JB’s Believe tour, the current buzzworthy pop sensation has found himself in a pretty sickening on-stage dilemma.

Halfway through one of this lame songs, Bieber has had to turn around from the audience to have a cheeky, but extensive spew. Now, this was no tactical boot, but more like he had drunk too many spirits, mixed with beer and jumped around heaps (we’ve all been there). Worthy of note was how little turning around actually helped shield the grossness of the whole thing from all those innocent children. The Biebs can then be seen running backstage, leaving his back-up dancers still busting moves around the vomit.

Also worthy of note was just how talented Bieber really is, I mean, despite physically throwing up on stage then running off, he didn’t manage to miss a single word or beat, the song continued to play and you can still hear him singing. Backing tracks make fools of us all, hey Biebs?

He managed to smash out a couple more tunes before having to run back stage again. Bieber used Twitter to explain the situation, stating that he may have drunk too much milk before the show…ok Biebs, whatever you say. The next show will apparently see a much healthier Bieber take the stage, though hopefully he lays off the sauce this time around.

Check out the video below. Look at your idol now, annoying teenage girls. Look at him!

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