Watch Killer Mike And Seth Meyers Discuss Raid On U.S. Capitol

Killer Mike was a guest on Seth Meyers’ late night show overnight. They discussed the storming and rioting of the US Capitol as incited by President Donald Trump yesterday.

Rioters raided the Capitol Building, forcing congress to shelter and lockdown in the building.

Killer Mike discussed the election and the day’s events with Seth Meyer. He said, “I got a call from my 13-year-old a few hours ago saying, ‘Dad, this stuff is happening in the Capitol.'”

“It led me to a longer conversation with her about how I admire the fact she participated in the political process by paying attention, I admire the fact her 18-year-old brother voted for the first time. And I really wanted her to understand that the people at the Capitol, although I encourage protest for any American, I don’t encourage what we saw.”

“And, essentially, it is violence. It is evil. It is I-didn’t-get-my-way-ism.”

Seth Meyers asks Killer Mike about the clear difference between how the police handled the Black Lives Matter protests last year and how they handled this riot.

“We know that justice is lopsided. We know that. There has been this example and dozens more, and I would argue hundreds more,” says Mike.

“The question for me becomes, at what point do we have to keep using these stark examples versus doing something about it?

“At what point do we encourage the demilitarisation of police period?”

You can watch the conversation in full below.

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