Killer Mike

Killer Mike Won’t Face Any Legal Troubles After Grammys Arrest

Rapper Killer Mike’s shocking arrest after winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance ended his months of legal troubles.

The “Scientists & Engineers” rapper was taken into custody after a dispute with event security at the Arena in Los Angeles in February. Video of him being led out of the venue after winning a Grammy sparked viral reactions of confusion and anger. The incident, resulting in a misdemeanour charge, left many wondering exactly what happened.

Killer Mike Got Arrested

Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, later released a statement saying that the incident had resulted from an “overzealous security guard” and also professed his confidence that he would be vindicated.

Rolling Stone reported that the security guard claimed that Render tried to sneak past her checkpoint without proper clearance. She claims that he pushed her down when she tried to restrain him, and she was injured on her hands and fingers. The on-duty guard called the cops, and it resulted in Render being arrested. 

Render, in his version of the story, did admit that there was a “little confusion” about the entrance that he and his team had to enter but failed to mention anything about the actual aggression. 

But now, TMZ reports that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office won’t bring charges against Render. A spokesman, Ivor Pine, mentioned that Render had successfully gone through the Hearing process of the office, which required community service, and there were not going to be any further comments.

Now that the case is closed, this appears to be behind him, and Killer Mike can carry on with his life without the shadows of legal troubles hanging over his head.

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