Watch Korn & Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Give ‘A Different World’ Its Live Debut

Korn’s upcoming album The Serenity Of Suffering is still a few weeks from release, but the band have been busy bringing the record to life early during a run of recent performances. While tearing up the stage at Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky this week, the band were joined by Slipknot’s Corey Taylor to set ablaze their recent collaborative track A Different World.

The studio version of the track, which also features Taylor on vocals, has been doing the rounds online since last week and was the most unholy of unions between two of nu-metal’s trendsetters.

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis seemed pretty chuffed with Taylor’s contributions to the track, telling Blabbermouth, “I like the way he did it, the approach: he starts creeping in underneath the song, you can start slowly hearing his voice under mine, and it crescendos up into the middle part where he sings, and then it’s just full-on at the end, so the song came out great.”

As per Taylor’s comments, he could hardly wait to get cracking on the collaboration having accepted the invite, “I was on the plane the next day. I flew in, and I hadn’t even heard the music…Cause as a fan and as a friend, it was just something that we had been talking about for years. And all the stars aligned and I got to do this track. And it is heavy, dude. It is so righteous.”

Taylor also had some choice words to sum up his bro’s forthcoming record, describing The Serenity Of Suffering as “a great throwback to the first three Korn albums and mixed with that maturity that they have now”.

Watch Korn and Corey Taylor give A Different World its live debut at Louder Than Life, below. Slipknot just so happened to be headlining the festival, so the universe conspired for the below to happen.

Watch: Korn – ‘A Different World’ (Feat. Corey Taylor) Live at Louder Than Life Festival, 02/10/16

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