Watch Lady Gaga’s Emotional Tribute To The Orlando Shooting Victims

The Mother of Monsters herself Lady Gaga has given an emotional speech overnight at a vigil held in memory of the victims of the recent Orlando massacre. Gaga took to Twitter soon after to reaffirm her message of unity and peace.

Among the chanting, rainbow signs and a group holding signs to spell ‘ORLANDO’, Gaga, took to the stage.

“We mourn the tragic loss of these innocent, beautiful people,” the pop star and longtime supporter of LGBT rights addressed the crowd. “Let’s all today pledge an allegiance of love to them and to their families who are suffering so deeply. They are sons and daughters. They were fathers and mothers. They are all our brothers and our sisters.”

A strong and long-time supporter of the LGBTI community, Gaga pushed through tears to deliver the remainder of her message.

“But, tonight I will not allow my anger and outrage over this attack to overshadow our need to honour those who are grieving truly for their lost ones; lost members of the LGBT community. I hope you know that myself and so many are your allies. Not only me, but everyone here. We represent the compassion and the loyalty of millions of people around the world that believe in you. You are not alone, you are not alone.

“Orlando, we are united with you. And we are here to remember,” she finishes. You can watch the full speech below. Soon after, Gaga fired off a volley of tweets solidifying her point that “We must unite as humans, where we are all the same”

The tweets also direct supports to where they can donate to the victims.

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