Watch Lorde’s Haunting Cover Of Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’

Oh Lorde!

Our fave kiwi alt-pop kween has hit the famous BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to deliver a curveball cover of Phil Collins‘ classic track ‘In The Air Tonight’, iconic drum fill and all.

phil collins

While it might seem like a bit of a random choice for ol’ Lorde, she’s actually expressed her love for the Genesis legend in the past.

“My favourite pop males are the guys that sound like a combination of your boyfriend and your dad,” she frothed during an interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast earlier this month.

And the Melodrama popper definitely seemed stoked to be performing the tune by one of her musical heroes at the BBC, probably not least of all because she got to sing her own name over and over again (“Oh Lorde… Oh Lorde!”)


Watch the full performance below.

And remember — you can catch Her Lordeship performing live across Australia this November ahead of her gig at Canberra’s Spilt Milk festival.

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