Watch A Madman Backflip From One Drum Kit To Another And Keep Playing

A video has been dropped online of a man playing drums only to backflip to another drum kit and continue to play for no other reason than because he can.

Aric Improta is a YouTube drummer with a channel full of jam sessions with insane playing, but he’s taken it one step further with this video.

With a GoPro strapped to his chest he sits and creates rollicking beats with one kit before jumping on his seat and flipping onto the next kit. It’s so precise, that he doesn’t even brush his hair on a symbol on his way through.

We have no idea how many times it took him to get this right but even if it’s in the thousands, it’s still impressive.

Improta is part of American post-rock band Night Verses, who are currently recording their second album with Ross Robinson, the producer behind records by Korn, At The Drive-In and Slipknot.

All eyes on Travis Barker now to introduce this into a Blink 182 set.

Watch: Kitflip (Backflip Between 2 Drum Kits)

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