Watch Sebastian Stan Go Full Winter Soldier On The Drums For New Role As Tommy Lee

MCU fave Sebastian Stan is playing Mötley Crüe‘s Tommy Lee in a brand new series about the drummer’s turbulent relationship with Pamela Anderson dubbed Pam & Tommy, and we’ve just gotten our first look at the actor flexing his drumming chops for the role.

In some seemingly stealth-shot footage posted to TikTok, you can see the actor shirtless and tatted-up behind the kit doing his best impression of The Animal as he absolutely wails on the skins, complete with theatrical cymbal-catches and stick-twirls.

Guess those Winter Soldier knife tricks he learned for Marvel have paid off double.

ICYMI Pam & Tommy is a new original limited series coming to Hulu, featuring Stan starring opposite Lily James as Pamela Anderson.

The pair will portray the couple during their rocky relationship, with an emphasis on the leak of their notorious honeymoon sex tape.

Check out Stan’s pretty damn impressive transformation into Tommy Lee, below.

@laurenfromiowaReply to @m4rstan maybe the best 4 hours of my life ##sebastianstan ##wintersoldier ##buckybarnes ##sebastianstanedit ##marvel ##marveledits ##tommyandpam

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