Watch: Madonna Hit The Deck During Live Show

Madonna has figuratively fallen on her face many times during her current MDNA World Tour, but this time the Material Girl has actually gone down during a recent performance in Dallas, Texas. Singing Like a Prayer, one of her many classics, Madonna took a bit of a spill while reaching out to touch hands with the fans.

Thinking off her feet, so to speak, the crafty veteran rolled out of the incident and regained her footing as though it was part of the show. Even as pedestrian as the fall appears, it speaks to the physical conditioning of Madonna, who at the age of 54 took the hit without breaking a hip.

Madonna has made plenty of headlines since embarking on her MDNA World Tour, most recently being scrutinised over her use of fake guns during her show in Denver. Some fans felt the use of the fake firearm was disrespectful due to the shooting that occurred on July 20 in Aurora, Colorado during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Madonna has also been slammed by Elton John for dressing like a ‘fairground stripper’, booed by fans in Paris for a 45-minute set, and blasted by Deadmau5 for playing on the term ‘Molly’ to appear cool by associating herself with the drug MDMA. Whether any of this criticism is fairly deserved is debatable, but either way it’s been a rough year for Madonna.

Watch: Madonna Hit the Deck During Live Show

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