Watch: Marilyn Manson Appears In ‘Wrong Cops’ Short Film

Marilyn Manson has recently appeared in a 13 minute short film called Wrong Cops, which has him playing a weird music-loving kid who happens to meet a police officer who seems hell bent on teaching him a lesson about good music. It’s probably best not to spoil the rest of it. The film was directed by Quentin Dupieux, with music by Mr. Oizo.

This isn’t his first film role, previously starring in 1999 black comedy Jawbreaker, and two other films: Party Monster and Lost Highway. He recently spoke about his part in the film and other projects in an interview with Pulse Of Radio, saying, “I play a street hustler with braces on my teeth, which was an interesting, fun experience (laughs). I’m working on something with Johnny. Working on something with my friend Eli Roth also. And I’m basically just on a roll of having a good time at being bad and I just want to continue doing it.”

Manson’s latest album, Born Villian, is out now, which includes a contribution from an actor friend, none other than Johnny Depp, who plays on the album’s bonus track You’re So Vain (Carly Simon Cover).

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