Watch Michael Jackson’s Hologram At The Billboard Music Awards

The image, but unfortunately not the soul, of a much younger, much healthier looking Michael Jackson has been resurrected in hologram form a climactic performance at today’s Billboard Music Awards in the US.

This isn’t just some stock-standard, rising-from-the-grave, Jesus-type resurrection — that’s way basic. MJ, in all his shimmering glory, was projected onto the stage where he interacted with other holograms and non-holograms alike.

So far, the show has been an overwhelming success, much to the delight of the producers and also Jackson’s estate, who decided that the hologram — a year in the making — needed to be given to the people in a live setting.

Jackson’s Lawyer John Branca commented on the selection of the track Slave to the Rhythm, explaining to Billboard that the decision was a no-brainer.

“At the time we made the decision, Slave to the Rhythm felt like a song was something people could dance to, a potential club song,” he said. “We talked to Jamie King, who directed the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil shows and we all felt the song was very likeable.”

Even those privy to behind-the-scenes of the event were left blown away, including but not limited to BBMA producer Larry Klien, who said, “You were watching the magic of Michael Jackson just like you would have when he was performing.”

Not even a miracle is enough to keep everyone happy, though. Typical. CBS reports that the owners of the technology behind the hologram, who also gave birth to Coachella’s infamous Tupac hologram, had tried to stop today’s Billboard performance via an emergency injunction.

Watch: Michael Jackson Slave To The Rhythm Live At BBMAs 2014

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