Watch Missy Higgins & Birdz Deliver A Hectic Desiny’s Child Cover On The Set

The Set managed to recruit Aussie music industry staple, Missy Higgins and newcomer Birdz for this week’s instalment of the show.

The pair took on a 2001 classic: Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’. It’s an unexpected song choice but a solid one nonetheless and Higgins’ and Birdz’s spin on it is a vibe.

Birdz flits freestyle bars into the cover ~seamlessly~.

“Always was, and it always will be. Black queen, Black land,” he raps throughout the song.

Higgins takes on the original vocals. She doesn’t bend to the original vocal patterns though, instead, making it so classically Missy Higgins.

It’s a real treat. Watch it down below.

The pair both shared their own originals for this instalment of The Set too.

Birdz shared his absolutely mammoth 2020 hit, ‘Bagi-la-m Bargan’. He took his cousin and collaborator, Fred Leone along for the frankly amazing performance.

They manage to maintain that hectic house party vibe for The Set while incorporating traditional Aboriginal dance. It’s a lot of fun.

Missy Higgins performed her iconic 2004 single, ‘The Special Two’. The performance is amazing and sees Higgins play around the timing of the song, almost spontaneously.

You can watch The Set performances below, including the pair’s cover and their two original performances.

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