WATCH: More Vampire Weekend & Steve Buscemi Hijinks In New York City

Where do you turn if you’re trying to promote a band too cool to promote themself? Well, if you’re accomplished actor Steve Buscemi trying to give a leg up to little known New York band Vampire Holiday, you lean on your political connections.

That’s exactly what Buscemi can be seen doing in the below video, approaching New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio for advice as to how Vampire Weekend could best get the word out about their fast-approaching American Express Unstaged performance and upcoming third album Modern Vampires Of The City.

As De Blasio informs the four-piece, the band needs to get their name out there and capitalise on their break-through Oxford Comma. At Buscemi’s suggestion, De Blasio is even willing to allow Vampire Weekend to write the official song for New York city in exchange for 4 votes in the next mayoral ballot.

However, for all their enthusiasm and bright ideas de Blasio and Buscemi are met with uncommitted nods and snickers from the know-it-all Vampire Weekend lads.

Watch: New York City Loves Vampire Weekend

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