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Watch Noel Gallagher And Russell Brand Throw Insults In Joint Interview

Written by Sam Murphy on April 4, 2016

Noel Gallagher and Russell Brand are both known for having some of the sharpest tongues it the biz so it’s no surprise that they had more than a few witty insults for eachother when they found themselves in a joint interview.

The pair sat down together for UK football club West Ham’s YouTube channel, playing a game of “Me and Him” whereby they had to decide things like who has better taste in music and who has better hair.

Gallagher and Brand are actually friends so unlike some of the words Gallagher has had for other people in recent times most of the banter was friendly but funny nonetheless.

They agree that Brand is the most intelligent of the two, that Gallagher has the best music taste and that Gallagher is the funniest. The latter is somewhat surprising given that Brand has made a career out of being a comedian.

“How he’s dragged a career out of this karaoke act for this long…it’s an amusing spectacle,” Brand explained.

Surprisingly, the most contentious question was in regards to who has the best hair. They both thought it was themselves with Gallagher saying, “people go into barbers and ask for this haircut” while Brand retorted, “I get some very admiring looks”.

Watch the bickering couple go back and forth below.

Watch: Me and Him… with Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher

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