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Watch Noel Gallagher Take The Piss Out Of Oasis Videos

Written by Sarah Bella on January 23, 2014

Noel Gallagher is normally better known for slinging shit on other bands, but now Oasis fans and haters everywhere can come together and revel in the elder Gallagher brother heaping some on his own seminal Britpop outfit.

In 2010, Noel provided commentary on Oasis’s music videos for their box set Time Flies, and now some smart YouTube user has decided to share them with the world, uploading the very best of the frontman’s comments on the rather ’90s clips.

Our personal highlight would have to be his thoughts on brother Liam‘s falsetto on the track Live Forever: “[He] soon gave up singing the falsetto bit after that. I think he thought he was a bit gay, though there’s nothing wrong with being gay, obviously.”

His commentary on the Whatever clip is also worth its weight in lager. “I’m fucking drunk in this video. Look how pissed I am there. I can’t begin to tell you pissed I was. I was shit-faced.”

Other standout moments include his thoughts on the legitimacy of the clown in the Wonderwall video, what the Cigarettes And Alcohol video has in common with Britain’s Next Top Model, and his all-around rather low opinion on the concept of making music videos in the first place.

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