Watch: Odd Future New Video ‘Rella’

Odd Future have fucking lost it with this one. They’ve always been a little strange, but this video is just plain bizzarre, it almost seems like they’re not trying anymore, and except for the fact that the clip is so highly stylised I’m at a loss to figure out what about it is even worth writing about. Oh yeah, it’s fucking confronting.

Admittedly I’ve only listened to the song a few times, and am still trying to decipher the lyrics properly, but judging from some of the imagery in the video and lyrics in the song they’re addressing the reputation they’ve earned themselves while at the same time exacerbating it. The scenes with Domo Genesis, dressed up I think as some kind of black Travolta slapping first an Asian girl who seems to enjoy it, then other members of Odd Future, appear to me to be addressing the controversy of Left Brain slapping a photographer at a show a few months ago, with Left Brain being the next to be slapped after the Asian girl.

Tyler’s verse, which in the video starts with him in a bobbed wig snorting huge mound of white powder then pulling back to reveal him as a Centaur, might just be the closest they could get to visibly representing his motto of ‘I’m a fucking Unicorn,’ (the idea being don’t let anyone tell you what you are, you are whatever you want to be, hence he’s a fucking Unicorn) or it could just be that they’ve actually gone mad with power, their success leading to creative apathy who’s result is this nonsensical and not safe for work video.

Say whatever you want about this stuff and freedom of expression but I really do think this shit is making people, myself included, stupider. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan, but I’m trying to do as much maths and reading as possible to keep my brain sharp and stop myself becoming one of those tragics begging to get slapped at the front of the crowd.

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