Watch: Papa Roach: ‘Before I Die’

Papa Roach have released the video for their newest single Before I Die, and frontman Jacoby Shaddix is looking pretty distraught for most of it.

True to the themes of the song, Banana 101.5 has described the video as one that “shows Shaddix expressing his heartbreak by chasing his visions into dangerous situations in an attempt to hold onto the past.”

Shaddix told Loudwire that the song details his separation with his wife, which took place while the band were making their current record The Connection. The couple have since reunited.

“I was going through a separation with my wife during the process of making the record,” he said.

“Fast forward to the present and we’re working it out now, but in the process of making this record we were separated. I was at the end of my rope; I was in a lot of pain.

“This music is where I found my sanctuary, where I could express myself and just take myself out of it for a second and not feel the pain and just be creative.

“During the process of making this song…I felt like everything was taken from me and I was just left out there raw and broken, it made everything clear to me, what really mattered to me.”

Watch the video for Before I Die below. Papa Roach are gearing up to tour with Stone Sour in North America throughout 2013. There’s no word on whether an Australian visit is on the cards just yet.

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