Watch Primus Cover Tool With Danny Carey On Drums

Tool drummer Danny Carey is playing three gigs with experimental prog rock icons Primus while their drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander recovers from heart surgery, and surprised fans of both bands with a cover of ever-pummeling 1997 Tool track Ænema during their first show together.

Carey joined Primus onstage for the first time at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall on the night of Saturday, 13th September, and played a 14-song set with the band. The new Primus/Tool hybrid’s cover of Ænema was used as an interlude, with only the first verse and chorus being played. Watch footage of the performance below.

As Consequence Of Sound points out, Carey sat on the drum riser between Primus’ two giant, ever-present inflatable spacemen which bore the face of Primus’ actual drummer, “Herb”. Intimidating.

In a recent interview with the Children Of Saturn radio show (below) hosted by Carey’s girlfriend Rynne Stump, the drummer said boning up on Primus was fun but tough. “I had to learn 16 songs this week, and Primus songs aren’t little walks in the park,” Carey said. “They’ve been my friends for a long time, probably since ’93 when we did Lollapalooza together.”

Carey also told listeners that Tool have been remodelling their rehearsal space during their hiatus. Carey’s full-time (if you can call it that) band’s highly awaited fifth studio album is reportedly being delayed by a series of lawsuits, but the group have returned to the studio to work on new material.

Check out Primus and Danny Carey’s Chicago setlist, alongside footage of the performance, below.

Watch: Primus Ft. Danny Carey – Ænima (Tool cover, 13/09/14)

Watch: Danny Carey Drum Solo, Into Primus’ Eleven (13/09/14)

Watch: Primus Ft. Danny Carey – Southbound Pachyderm Part 1 (13/09/14)

Watch: Primus Ft. Danny Carey – Southbound Pachyderm Part 2 (13/09/14)

Listen: Danny Carey Interview on the Children Of Saturn radio show (08/09/14)

Setlist: Primus Ft. Danny Carey, Chicago’s Concord Music Hall (13/09/14)

Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
Here Come the Bastards
Last Salmon Man
Southbound Pachyderm
Over the Falls
Jimmy’s On Smack (Drum solo)
Ænema (Tool cover)
To Defy the Laws of Tradition
American Life
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
My Name is Mud
Harold of the Rocks


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