Watch: Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Brendan’s Death Song’

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have honoured their late friend Brandon Mullen with their latest video clip. The track Brendan’s Death Song was featured on the band’s recent album I’m With You and pays homage to a key figure in the band’s life.

Mullen operated venues and booked artists through the 80s until one day a younger Anthony Kiedis and Flea gained his attention. As Rolling Stone puts it, the guys “showed up at the club with a boom box and asked Mullen to listen to their demo. He liked it”. Mullen went on to book their band to play with Bad Brains.

Flea would later describe the event as “a huge step for us… But in a much more important way, I felt profoundly validated to be accepted and acknowledged by Brendan Mullen, who was a crucial part – a hub – of a scene that for me had mythological status.”

Mullen has since passed away, but the Chili Peppers have kept his memory alive with their latest offering. The clip, directed by Marc Klasfeld, was shot in New Orleans and features a big cast of fans as extras, all of whom the band thanked on their website.

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