Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith Storm Off Stage After Fan Yells ‘Will Ferrell!’

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith was in a glass case of emotion after a heckler at a recent show interrupted his mid-set spiel.

The dirty poop mouth in question yelled out “Will Ferrell” as Smith was talking between songs at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute, referencing his well-established visual likeness to the Anchorman star.

ICYMI: Ferrell and Smith have long been in on the joke of their doppelgänger-ness, uniting at various times to stage drum-offs and also — uh — a quincaeñera.

But it seems Smith wasn’t in any mood to suffer the Ferrell comparison on this occasion, and became so enraged that he could have killed a guy with a trident.

“SHUT UP!” He screamed, knocking over equipment and storming off stage.

Needless to say, the heckler immediately regretted his decision.

It was only after Smith’s band (not the Chili Peppers in this instance) got a chant going of “We want Chad” that the beatman returned to address the smelly pirate hooker who’d jibed him, telling him to go back to his home on whore island.

“Why did you say that?” Smith asked. “I’m not Will Ferrell, you IDIOT!”

He then grinned, adding: “Na I’m just fucking with you, I don’t give a shit, I think it’s great. I’m fucking famous because of Will Ferrell.”

Yep, we don’t know how to put this but he’s kind of a big deal. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Watch footage of Smith’s hilarious troll below (also seriously somebody needs to cast this guy in Stepbrothers 2).

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