Watch Ryan Lewis Discover No-One Knows Who Ryan Lewis Is

Many of us would at least know Ryan Lewis‘ name, but probably only in association with 2012’s hottest rapper and thrift-shopper Macklemore. But how many Macklemore fans actually know what Ryan Lewis does, what he looks like or, in fact, who he even is? Jimmy Fallon commissioned reporter Ryan Lewis, from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, to investigate.

The idea is similar to that time Jimmy Kimmel sent Drake out on the street in disguise to interview people about Drake, only to find out people don’t actually like Drake very much. Except this time, Ryan Lewis didn’t need a disguise.

As you’ll see in the video below, it didn’t take long for Ryan Lewis to learn that people don’t really know what it is Ryan Lewis does or what Ryan Lewis looks like even while being asked by Ryan Lewis or even when shown a photo of Ryan Lewis, by Ryan Lewis.

As articulated by one interviewee, “I don’t really know what he does. He’s like a package deal. He comes with Macklemore a lot.” Another surmised that he does stuff with “computers and whatnot”, while one woman gives him a C+ rating to his “average”-looking face and doesn’t even recognise Ryan Lewis standing in front of her when he shows her a photo.

Lewis, keeping his spirits up, at least got one unsuspecting woman to say he was more attractive than his more famous counterpart, who actually makes a cameo appearance. Sadly, the report never actually got around to answering the niggling question: what does Ryan Lewis actually do? Maybe Flava Flav might know.

Watch: Ryan Lewis Asks Music Fans About Ryan Lewis

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