Watch Shaun Micallef Perform Vocals For Pure Instinct

In a headline we’d never thought we would write but one that we’re happy about, comedian and TV host recently stepped up to perform guest vocals for Melbourne hardcore act Pure Instinct.

As reported by Junkee, Micallef was hosting an all-ages, no alcohol hardcore gig at Melbourne’s Brick & Mortar supply clothing store as part of his new ABC documentary Shaun Micallefs On The Sauce, which sets to look into Australia’s drinking culture.

Guests were also reportedly informed that attending the gig may mean that they would be filmed, and that they may be asked questions about being a part of a “non-drinking subculture.”

The band were tearing their way through the closing song of their self-titled album that was released earlier this year, ‘Still Here’, before Micallef is ushered to the mic to perform the pretty straight forward “Unbroken, still here!” hook of the song – and he does it flawlessly.

Watch footage of the performance below (Micallef steps in at about the 1:30 mark).


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