Shaun Micallef’s ‘Mad As Hell’ Went Rogue & Aired Some Full Frontal Nudity Last Night

Shaun Micallef, his show Mad As Hell and, by extension, the ABC went rogue last night and decided to air some full frontal nudity during the programme’s latest episode last night.

Like, just a full-on, uncensored penis. No CGI. No special effects. The full monty.

About 15 minutes into last’s night episode, Micallef and comedian Francis Greensdale (in character as ‘defamation expert’ Plonk McGrundle) were discussing the country’s incredibly strict defamation laws – albeit with heavy censoring because, you know, the country’s incredibly strict defamation laws.

Suddenly, a man – completely starkers and uncensored – opens a door to the side of stage, and says “Ita wants to wind the segment up now” referring to ABC chair Ita Buttrose.

It is truly a blink and you’ll miss it moment, though it looks like some conservative groups didn’t miss it at all.

Despite given the standard M15+ rating warning of “coarse language, nudity” at the beginning of the episode, FamilyVoice Australia called the ABC “morally bankrupt” for airing the dong.

Micallef tweeted the same statement from FamilyVoice Australia, captioning it with, “Frankly, I agree with them.”

Touché, Micallef.

The episode remains accessible to view on ABC’s iView, with a handy timestamp of 14:35 should you be interested – a timestamp that was also handily provided by FamilyVoice Australia…for whatever reason.

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