Watch Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Smack A Phone From The Hands Of A Distracted Fan

If you’re going to pay good money on your Slipknot concent ticket, get in hours early to get to the front of the barrier, you’re gonna want to pay attention to the show. However, one particular Slipknot fan has found himself more interested in his little screen than the stage and Corey Taylor wasn’t loving it.

In a video that was uploaded to the band’s socials (as what we assume is a warning to anyone considering fobbing the band at an upcoming show), Corey Taylor can be seen, in delightful high definition, doing his thing on stage, only to spy a fan with his eyes down in his phone. Taylor proceeds to walk over and whack the fan’s phone down, giving him a stern point. The body language screams a resounding “Get your shit together.”

It’s hard to imagine what could possibly be going on within the fan’s phone that could be more impressive than being so close to such a spectacle but we’re guessing homeboy couldn’t miss out on another Zubat or Weedle and needed to catch it then and there. I hope the candies were worth it.

This is becoming a fairly lame trend for youngsters who are spending more and more time on their phones, including at live gigs. Maybe now given the extra element of risk of becoming an Internet fool, the kids will once again look up.

None of us better pull this shit when the band is in town. Y’hear?

WATCH: Corey Taylor smacks phone from fan.

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