Watch The Smith Street Band Frontman Will Wagner Give His Guitar To The Luckiest Punter Alive

The Smith Street Band played the second of two shows on Sunday at Brisbane venue The Tivoli, and predictably both shows were completely off the chain.

The Smithies uploaded short videos of each night, showing off stacks of punters absolutely losing their minds and putting in stacks of emotion, singing along with every word – but one bloke by the name of Daniel Simpson couldn’t have predicted what was going to happen to him at that second show on Sunday.

After the cameras caught him front and centre during the first show, frontman Wil Wagner obviously picked up on the fact that he was right back in the same spot on night number two because he ended the show by going walking over and gifting the Simpson his guitar.

As he hugs Wil the enormity of the gesture begins to set in, and Simpson begins to lose his grip and cries into Wagner’s shoulder, who is only too happy to return the embrace.

Shortly after the clip appeared on The Smith Street Band Facebook page, Simpson, who is in a fledgling rock band called The Redundants, used the comments to express his undying gratitude to Wil and the band.

“You guys are the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my entire life. I’ve already written entire songs on it. Thank you so much Wil. I will never forget this.”

He also spoke about how much the music from the Smithies has meant to him, especially during his own mental health struggles. “I discovered the Smithies when I was in an extremely dark period of my life and I was inspired in so many ways.”

“To pick myself up and get going back on the right track, write music and dedicate myself to what I love,” said Simpson. “I found strength in music from so many artist but never something as real as Smith Street. You’re just some regular blokes writing about hard situations and bringing light to mental health issues that so many people go through.”

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