Watch: Snoop Dogg Rolling Words (Smokable Lyric Book)

Eternally laid-back legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has just revolutionised the concept of book burning with Rolling Words.

As the man himself explains in the video below, S-N-double-O-P has created a book that contains some of his greatest lyrics, which also acts as a roll-your-own kit.

According to Music Fix, the book’s pages are all perforated rolling papers. Meanwhile, the spine of the book doubles as a match striker and the cover is made from hemp. Unfortunately, Rolling Words is being produced as an ‘elite distribution’, which probably means they’ll be super hard to get your hands on.

The Dieline has reported that an online limited edition book has been proposed, but you probably don’t want to smoke that one.

Stampede Management Strategic Brand Director Nick Adler has this to say about Rolling Words,

“Honestly, we were kind of blown away. It’s a fantastic brand extension for us, and totally captures the vibe and spirit of Snoop and our platform. We’re excited about the project and eager to see where it takes us.”

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