WATCH: Steve Buscemi And Vampire Weekend Go Bowling

Just when you thought you’d had enough of Steve Buscemi schlepping for Vampire Weekend in the lead up to their American Express Unstaged gig, it turns out we decided you haven’t.

In their latest shenanigans, Buscemi and the band hop on a train in order to hand out flyers and lift Vampire Weekend’s profile. Unfortunately though, the font on the flyers proves difficult to read and the passenger’s are unimpressed by Buscemi’s spruiking skills.

Once off the train Buscemi and the gang hit up the local 10-pin bowling alley to continue to drum up support. It turns out Buscemi is a better bowling coach then promoter. Like many in that role though the Boardwalk Empire star is better at giving instruction than taking it.

Buscemi also doesn’t appreciate being berated with quotes from The Big Lebowski, as Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson found out after telling the grizzled actor to, “Shut the fuck up, Donny!”

Have a watch of the fun and just a reminder that Vampire Weekend’s American Express Unstaged show can be streamed on Monday, 29th April at 11am AEST. Click here for more info.

WATCH: Steve Buscemi Hunts for Vampire Fans

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