Watch: The Ataris Frontman Goes Nuts On Stage, Throws Drum Kit At Drummer

During a recent show at Asbury Lanes, last night I believe, The Ataris experienced probably the worst thing that can happen to a band while on stage – a lousy drummer. Frontman Kris Roe ended the nightmare in the most punk-rock way possible, by throwing the entire kit at the drummer.

Personally, I can’t really tell what the sticks man has done wrong (are there any drummers out there who can pick it?). But whatever he was doing, Roe was having none of it. Fortunately, we live in the iPhone era, so the whole ordeal was caught on camera by someone in the crowd. Roe can be seen briefly saying something to the bassist and other guitarist before throwing his axe into the bass drum and, well, totally losing his shit.

Piece by piece the vocalist throws the kit at the drummer before explaining to the crowd that “I don’t know what [the drummers] problem is, I’m going to finish the set myself, I’ll play a few songs, anything you want to hear, but I can’t fucking do this…I’m sorry, we all have bad shows, but this is fucking embarrassing, I can’t handle it:

You can hear people trying to calm him down, but Roe keeps on fuming. Take a look at the video below; I also snaked an absolute classic clip of a similar situation. On another note, Billie Joe is now in some pretty good company in terms of on-stage meltdowns. Enjoy!

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