Watch The Fever Dream Of A Video For 100 Gecs’ ‘Hand Crushed By A Mallet’

100 gecs have shared the video for their vibe of a song ‘hand crushed by a mallet’. In typical gec fashion, the video is very weird and chaotic and sees Laura Les play a fly and Dylan Brady a witch.

The 100 gecs pair play chess, threaten each other with gigantic weapons, and play a giant recorder of sorts, all inside a room filled with trash.

This video is another Weston Allen directed clip. Allen teamed up with Darío Alva for the music video for the remix of ‘hand crushed by a mallet’ as well. It featured Fall Out Boy, Nicole Dollanganger, and Craig Owens. The animated video for the remix was just as crazy.

The 100 gecs duo also shared the interesting list of credits for the video via Twitter. Have a looksie below.

MusicFeeds had a chat with the duo a couple of months ago, you can read it here.

‘Hand crushed by a mallet’ is taken from 1000 gecs, released last year. You can watch the chaotic music video below.

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