Watch This Aussie Mum Lose Her Shit Over Disturbed At Their Sydney Gig

You’ve got to hand it to Disturbed, some of their recent career moves have definitely opened them up to a wider audience.

From releasing their now double-platinum selling cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence to appearing on shows like The X Factor Australia, the heavy metal titans who brought us such skull-crushing anthems as Down With The Sickness and Droppin’ Plates have been rapidly expanding their fanbase of Disturbed Ones to include, yup, mums and dads.

Living proof of this has been witnessed at the band’s recent concert in Sydney, with frontman Dave Draiman stopping the show mid-set to point out a bespectacled middle-aged lady in the front row who’d been “rocking her ass off” over the course of the show.

Coming down off the stage to introduce himself to 55-year-old mum-of-two Adele, Draiman copped a barrage of praise, with the old dear calling the band “amazing” and “phenomenal” to a huge cheer from the crowd.

“When I get your CD I’m gonna put it right next to my John Denver and my classical,” she promised, in a quintessential Aussie Mum voice that would put Colleen from Home & Away to shame.

She also offered a valuable pearl of wisdom to the Disturbed frontman: “Why scratch yourself when you can get a dog to do it?”

Why indeed, Adele. Why indeed.

Draiman used the cute encounter, which “made his mother fuckin’ night,” to fuel a rousing spiel about the idea that rock music is dead being “a hunk a horse shit,” arguing that Disturbed’s ability to win over a new generation of fans like Adele (albeit an older generation) is cold hard proof of the fact.

“As long as you have this kind of love, rock n’ roll will live for fucking ever,” he proclaimed.

“And the members of Disturbed will be here carrying that torch with pride.”

Watch footage of the whole thing, below.

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