Watch This Guy Pull Off 29 Spot-On Celebrity Impressions In One Song

Impressions, like conversation and meeting people in public instead of Tinder, can be considered something of a lost art. Professional impressionists are hardly held in the same tier of esteem that they were during the days of Johnny Carson, but we think Rob Cantor may soon change that.

Why, you ask? Because Rob is seriously freaking good at impressions. Not only are his imitations of celebrities ranging from Willie Nelson, Kermit the Frog, Louis Armstrong, and Steve Buscemi, to Billie Holiday, Bono, and Frank Sinatra spot-on, he does them whilst singing his own original song.

We thought the drummer who could play the entirety of Blink-182’s discography in five minutes would be the most impressive thing we’d see this week (yeah, we really jumped the gun on that one), but we’ve got to give it up to Rob Cantor. Just check the dude out in the video below.

Watch: 29 Celebrity Impressions, One Original Song

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