Watch This Stage Crasher Fall Face-First Onto DJ Decks

A festival-goer in the US has given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hitting the decks’ after footage emerged of him climbing onto DJ Harvey’s setup at a performance in Los Angeles, and causing a suitable amount of trouble along the way.

As Beatport reports, the incident took place at LA’s FYF Festival, while DJ Harvey had the dancefloor vibing on his house and disco tunes. It was all going swimmingly, until one over-eager punter decided to literally vault headfirst into DJ Harvey’s performance.

Another festival-goer who was filming at the right place at the right time has posted video of the incident to Instagram, and the result is available to view in full, below.

DJ Harvey handled the incident like a pro by brushing off the stage crasher and not missing a beat, while the dancefloor offender was quickly pulled off the decks but punters who were clearly super-confused as to what he was trying to achieve.

Elsewhere at FYF Festival, a wild Lorde appeared during Flume’s festival set, and got down during their antipodean love-in. No stage crashers interrupted their boogie sesh, thankfully.

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