Watch This Toddler Vibe Out To Tool’s ‘Invincible’

The world’s tiniest Tool fan has been discovered after Consequence of Sound found a video of a toddler head banging to ‘Invincible’.

In the video the little metalhead has a time listening to ‘Invincible’, taken from Tool’s latest offering Fear Inoculum.

Sporting his Batman PJs and sippy cup, he dances around in front of the TV as the song plays. He head bangs and foot stomps along to the song throughout, keeping impressive time with the beat.

The toddler also looks 10/10 pissed when the song comes to an end.

Watch the video below.

Tool’s Fear Inoculum was released in April in 2019. Fans waited 13 years for the long awaited follow up to 2006’s 10,000 Days.

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