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Watch Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Scald Johnny Greenwood, Tell Fans To “Calm The Fuck Down”

Radiohead have embarked on their tour of the UK, USA and Europe – in celebration of the release of A Moon Shaped Pool.

The played three shows at London’s Roundhouse over the weekend, but during the first show the British rockers seemed to have a few teething issues.

About three quarters of the way into their set, the band started to play their song Nude, when the introduction was rudely interrupted by Jonny Greenwood accidentally playing a note on his organ. The interruption sent giggles through the crowd, and Yorke abruptly stopped singing and gestured towards the offending Greenwood.

Once the band had come to an entire halt, Yorke said “Well, we’ll have to do it again.” Then he turned Greenwood “the fuck was that? Is it working now?” before turning back to the crowd, “You didn’t notice right?” Greenwood then started trolling everyone, by either playing random notes or trying to fix the issue. “Don’t do that one… is it buggered?” asked Yorke. “Yeah, we’ll do it again, why not. Are you in a hurry?”

Then, for their last song – Radiohead begun to play their classic singalong track Paranoid Android.

The crowd were perhaps a little bit way-too-keen – and collectively came in way before it was time to sing. “Oh no no no. Calm the fuck down,” said Yorke.

It’s all in good fun though, as Radiohead continue to make their way across Europe, playing surprises each night as they dig deep into their back catalogue.

Check out footage of Greenwood’s troll and Yorke’s rebuff to the crowd (which happens 3 minutes, 55 seconds into the second video) here below.

Watch: Radiohead – Play ‘Nude’ Live

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