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Image for Watch: Thurston Moore – Benediction From New Album ‘Demolished Thoughts’

Watch: Thurston Moore – Benediction From New Album ‘Demolished Thoughts’

Written by Brayden Darke on May 11, 2011

NYC No-wave legend Thurston Moore returns with fourth studio album Demolished Thoughts, which will be released on the 20th May 2011. A continuation of sorts on from his last album Trees Outside The Academy (2007), Demolished Thoughts was produced by none other than Beck.

The album was recorded over a period of nine days in both Los Angeles and Northampton, MA. In addition to Moore’s guitars and vocals, other players include violinist Samara Lubelski (prior Moore recordings and touring), harpist Mary Lattimore (also heard on Kurt Vile’s latest), bassist Bram Inscore, drummer Joey Waronker and of course Beck.

Moving away from the punk, noise and no-wave experimentalism that often surrounds both Sonic Youth and Moore’s solo work, the record will catch most off-guard. The lighter touch found on this album has much to do with Beck’s influence.

“Cut to the late summer of 2010 and I’m sitting with Beck on his back porch where I’m slowly eating a pack of basted tobacco Darks n’ Blues with honey-raw crèmes and Beck looks up from the pools of silver-jello burbling around his open-toed snoopz and exclaims, “yes. Thurston. I. will. Produce. Yr. record”, explains Moore.

Inviting the listener in to his more secretive and personal side, Demolished Thoughts is a brooding and beautifully restrained album.

Thurston Moore – Benediction

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