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Thurston Moore Cancels Tour Dates Due to “Debilitating” Health Condition

Thurston Moore, former singer and guitarist of the influential experimental rock band Sonic Youth, has cancelled his forthcoming US tour dates due to an undisclosed health condition. The tour was in support of Moore’s new memoir, Sonic Life.

Addressing his fans on Instagram, the rock titan revealed he’s been dealing with a “longstanding health condition.” Noting that the condition “has never seriously stopped me from touring and recording” but has “always been an underlying issue,” Moore now claims that the condition has gotten out of hand.

Thurston Moore: “My doctors have strongly advised against me flying”

“As I reach my mid-60s this year, [the condition] has become rather, and consistently, debilitating. After a recent consultation, my doctors have strongly advised against me flying anywhere under any circumstance until they get it all sorted out,” Moore wrote.

Moore made his name as one of the songwriters and frontpeople of Sonic Youth, along with his then partner Kim Gordon and bandmates Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley. They released some of the most boundary-pushing albums of the ’80s and ‘90s but disbanded in 2011 following the revelation of Moore’s infidelity, which broke up both the group and his relationship with Gordon.

Elsewhere in his social media post, Moore lamented the tour cancellation. “This news is utterly distressing as the publication of my memoir, Sonic Life, after the last few years of intense writing and editing, means so much to me. I’ve been looking forward to talking about the book at all the events which had been organized in the weeks ahead.”

This should not, however, be considered a goodbye to Moore’s touring life, and the musician stressed his intention to hit the road in the future. “Fingers firmly crossed I have a chance to make it up to you when I’m cleared for travel again.”

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