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Watch Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall Crash PVRIS’s Sydney Set

If you haven’t yet heard of American dance-rock shooting stars PVRIS, then consider this the first step in your no doubt short and swift journey to becoming sick to death of hearing about just how awesome they are.

The Lyndsey Gunnulfsen-fronted trio are absolutely kicking arse overseas, and they’re currently on a mission to make a name for themselves here in Australia, where they’re currently on tour supporting Circa Survive.

And what a way to make a first impression. During their show at Sydney’s The Metro on Saturday night, the band brought the house down by pulling a move straight out of the Taylor Swift playbook.

In the middle of a performance of one of their biggest hits, My House, PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”, not “Purvis” bee-tee-dubs) welcomed to the stage none-other than Aussie rock IT girl, Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive.

The acid green dreadlock-sporting McDougall took over vocals for a chorus while Gunnulfsen continued to thrash on her Fender.

Luckily, fans awesomely caught the whole thing on video.

Watch the stellar moment in the live footage, below.

Watch: PVRIS – My House Live In Sydney 2015 Feat. Jenna McDougall

Watch: PVRIS – My House

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