Watch Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall Save A Fan Being Choked By Security

Footage has emerged online of Tonight Alive frontwoman Jenna McDougall defending a fan who “just wanted a high five” by jumping from the stage to chastise security guards who appear to have their hands around a patrons throat.

The incident happened during Tonight Alive’s set at Soundwave Festival in Brisbane yesterday. Members of the audience contacted Soundwave boss AJ Maddah via Twitter last night, implying that McDougall had beckoned audience members to give her high fives during the show.

“Jenna was giving high 5’s and the fans crowd surfed and then security took action harshly!”, said one.

After audience members apparently jumped the barrier to approach the stage, security took harsher than expected measures against the crowd, allegedly crash tackling and, as seen in the below video, pinning one man to the ground.

As depicted in the video, McDougall clearly and repeatedly states into the microphone, “He’s cool. It’s alright, man. It’s cool.” A crowd member can be heard shouting, “Let him the fuck up!”

“Stop!” shouts McDougall before jumping down into the security pit area. “The guy just wanted a high five.” The crowd becomes increasingly agitated, screaming, “Let him up!”

Security eventually release the man, before McDougall apologises, high fives her fan and embraces him.

Maddah encouraged Twitter users to send him the security guard’s badge number and to hold on to any photos or video footage they may have of the incident in case charges are pressed.

McDougall then tweeted an image of what appears to be the same incident, which clearly shows a security guard with his hand around a punter’s throat while pressing his forearm against his head.

Taking to Twitter after the incident, McDougall criticised security’s action. “Security are hired to protect.. Not to tackle, choke hold, push or physical assault our fans. Im extremely disappointed.”

She added: “Having said that. I realise this abuse of power does not apply to all security & was

grateful for the respect & care taken in Melb & Adel.”

Maddah also stepped in yesterday to defend the festival’s security, calling them “the most awarded company in Australia” and reminding fans who see a problem to note down the individual guard’s badge number.

Soundwave Festival wraps up this weekend in Sydney and Brisbane. Tonight Alive play Stage 2 in Sydney at 2:40pm. Check out photos of Tonight Alive’s set below, see our full Brisbane Saturday gallery here, and check out our “punk persepective” on Soundwave Saturday in Sydney.

Photos: Tonight Alive @ Soundwave 2015 Brisbane / Photos by Rebecca Reid

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